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Argana Zeit Bothers the Boggarts

In the haunted and forgotten hills beyond Sheffield, the sheep are dying. Tourists report blue lights bobbing like marsh gas. A legion of mischievous spirits, quiet for generations, is rising. Paranormal Investigator Argana Zeit and her dog are going to need all their wits about them as they try and uncover the cause. But with a city to save, figuring out what’s riled the boggarts is only the beginning of their troubles. Can they quell the insurrection?

Argana Zeit and the Ghostherd of Lathkill Dale

The dead have their shepherds, nudging them steadily toward the light. That’s no easy task in leafy Lathkill Dale, where lost souls curdle in the darkness of the abandoned mines below. Here a ghostherd will seize a unique opportunity, one that will pit its limitless empathy for the departed against its callous disregard for the living.

There’s going to be trouble. And Argana Zeit will be right in the middle of it.

With three lives on the line, can she solve the riddles of the past before she reaches the river’s end?

Argana Zeit and the Bay of Ghosts

Masked urchins are stealing hermit crabs. There’s child cultists and a fisherman who just might be a ghost. But that’s not all that awaits Argana Zeit on holiday in Robin Hood’s Bay … something ancient and terrible has been waiting for its time.

This novelette, which takes place in the summer before Haunted Busker, is exclusively available by subscription to the Owain Oakwood mailing-list.

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Argana Zeit Saves Halloween

It’s Halloween so naturally paranormal investigator Argana Zeit would like nothing more than to stay in and keep her head down. Some chance! When illegal ravers are abducted in the woods on her patch, she’ll get dragged into this mystery.

Pour yourself a bowl of pumpkin soup and settle down for an hour or two to enjoy paranormal shenanigans.

Included in the collection The Devil in Derbyshire, available here.

Argana Zeit and the Cursed Tattoos

Jason’s tattoos are eating him – or at least, that’s what he believes. And he’s not the only one. When her friends start falling under the curse of a rogue tattooist in Matlock Bath, Britain’s most inland seaside town, Paranormal Investigator Argana Zeit must unravel the mystery and break the curse. Before anyone goes mad. Er, madder.

A stand alone, long short story, Included in The Devil in Derbyshire, available here.

Argana Zeit vs the Mole Marauders

Internet attention-seeker Akira Pixels has turned his croquet lawn into a giant roulette table, and is running an ad-hoc casino with it. But when someone’s rigs the game, paranormal investigator Argana Zeit will be dragged in. There’s a body in the woods too, and something very strange is going on with the moles!

Included in The Devil in Derbyshire, available here.

Argana Zeit Collects Snow Toads

Winter in The Peaks, away from the lights and the gritters of the city, it’s a dangerous time. But there’s one car crash that doesn’t look like an accident, and paranormal investigator Argana Zeit needs to find out who – or what – caused it before anyone else gets killed. There’s something waiting in the blizzard. And it isn’t friendly.

Oh, and there’s the thing with the toads.

This rounds off the collection Paranormal in the Peaks, available here.

Argana Zeit Rings the Other World

Everyone knows that the Large Hadron Collider is a sort of universe destroying doughnut. So when one excitable geek uses its data to build a black box that can talk to other worlds, what could possibly go wrong? It’s going to be up to paranormal investigator Argana Zeit to pick up the pieces!

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Included in Paranormal in the Peaks, available here.