When’s the next Argana Zeit out?

A new Argana Zeit short story is released every 6-8 weeks. You can keep an eye out here, or on Twitter or Facebook. But the most reliable method of finding out is to sign up to the mailing list, and we’ll email you an alert when it’s out. That way you can pick it up during its free promotion period, too!

Can I read Argana Zeit in any order?

Pretty much. Each story is complete in itself, so read whichever one comes to hand! They are set in the month in which they’re released, so if you skip around the seasons will come in a funny order. But hey, the British weather does that anyway, I’m sure you’ll cope!

Can I read it on Kobo?

Currently the Argana Zeit stories are only on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle, sorry. The collected editions will be on a wider variety of platforms.

What age range are these stories for?

The Argana Zeit mysteries are for anyone old enough to enjoy a little fear! While the swearing is mild, nobody dies on-camera and the mystery is always solved, the stories do lean into their paranormal and eldritch elements. My beta-readers suggest 12 to 90.

What genre is Argana Zeit?

Uggh. If I had a dollar for every time I could not give a straight answer to that question, I’d be able to afford someone to answer it for me! It might be Paranormal Investigation. It might be Cosy Horror. It might be Comic Mystery. Could even be Urban Fantasy. Eldritch Horror? Cutethulhu? Let me know!

Is Trotterwell a real town?

Nah, it’s a sort of Buxton-Tideswell-Grindleford mash up. The Derwent is a real river though, running from a reservoir above Sheffield down through the Peaks to Derby, before joining up with the Trent outside of Nottingham.

Is Max a dog?

Shh now. Spoilers.

Why can’t you spell colour right?

Quaint stone towns in quaint British countryside get quaint British spellings. If you’ve already been on to the review sites to rant about those spellings, I hate you, I hope you dissolve for a thousand years in a vat of buzzard barf.

What about covid?

There’s ghosts, demons and eldritch entities. This is joyful escapism, so no covid because it sucks, even though the stories are set in 2020-2021. You can find out why Argana’s world is different in #6, Argana Zeit Rings the Other World.

Where’s the cookie pop-up?

For now, there’s no google analytics or facebook pixel on this website, and no external adverts, so you’re not being tracked.