Argana Zeit Collects Snow Toads

Winter in The Peaks, away from the lights and the gritters of the city, it’s a dangerous time. But there’s one car crash that doesn’t look like an accident, and paranormal investigator Argana Zeit needs to find out who – or what – caused it before anyone else gets killed. There’s something waiting in the blizzard. And it isn’t friendly.

Oh, and there’s the thing with the toads.

Argana Zeit Stones the Solstice

When a rogue druid bends the solstice celebrations to her own ends in the modern day Peaks, amateur investigator Argana Zeit and her intrepid hound Max are hired to save the day.

It’s got solstice stones, mysterious runes, a grumpy druid or two, a faithful hound and Trotterwell’s most scatter-brained paranormal investigator. What’s not to like in this cosy short horror?

Argana Zeit is On The Menu

Follow the recipe, they said. It will be easy, they said. But what happens when the recipe is a summoning spell in disguise? Bad stuff, that’s what. That’s when you have to call in Argana Zeit, finest* paranormal investigator in the Peak District.

Argana Zeit is reunited with Fred Constable in their latest outing, an action-heavy adventure described by one reader as ‘this is what Dr Who ought to be’.


Argana Zeit Ruins Halloween

Argana Zeit would like to ignore the ghost under the road and take the night off. But when a séance throws up some strange clues, and the exorcist is in town talking about angels, she’s going to end up working Halloween.

The third Argana Zeit story is out on Amazon! If you missed the previous two, don’t sweat it, you can read them in any order! If you don’t have a kindle device, Amazon provide a free kindle app for phones, tablets and desktops.

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Argana Zeit Stares into the Abyss

The trouble starts with an archaeological dig up at the Arkwright arms, where a volunteer is sectioned to a psychiatric hospital.

When he goes on the run, Argana Zeit, the local paranormal investigator, will get sucked into a dangerous mystery. She must find out what they unearthed, and how to banish it, before it hurts anyone else.

For what is it that lurks around the corner of the mirror, at the very edge of vision?

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Argana Zeit and the Haunted Busker

This is where it all started!

Argana Zeit is a Paranormal Investigator, or at least, wishes she was. She is the closest thing the small town of Trotterwell has, so when a brawl in a shopping centre has occult overtones, constable Fred Berkshire calls her in to help out.

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