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The Horror in the Hills

She’s impetuous, imperfect and impulsive, and he’s fearless, focused and furry. These traits propel Argana Zeit and her ghost-hunting dog Max into every mystery the town of Trotterwell has to offer. Unquiet phantoms, mischievous pranksters, restless hordes of fae, keepers of the dead and, naturally, a tribe descending from the ancient pre-Celtic Britons … they’re all here. Because this is the haunted heart of the Peak District, and what you’ve heard is true: There’s horror in the hills.

Put on the kettle, and dive into this spine-tickling collection of Cosy Paranormal Novellas & Novelettes.

Collects these adventures:

    • Argana Zeit and the Lathkill Ghostherd
    • Argana Zeit Bothers the Boggarts
    • Argana Zeit and the Monster of Minninglow
    • Argana Zeit Evades Halloween
    • Argana Zeit and the Quantum Experiment

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    The Devil in Derbyshire

    The Devil in Derbyshire: Weird Tales of Argana Zeit Volume 2

    Argana Zeit dreams of the day she can give up her day job and get paid to save the world … or at least, her corner of it. There’s a curdling strangeness in her hometown of Trotterwell. Poltergeists defraud the dead. Shopkeepers curse their customers. Mortal rivals set moles on one another. The local magician has been hexed. And naturally there’s an eldritch horror masquerading as the devil.

    Beset by mysteries, Argana Zeit and her dog max are going to get the chance to prove themselves … but can they?

    Features the cosy mysteries:

    • Argana Zeit vs the Mole Marauders
    • Argana Zeit and the Cursed Tattoos
    • Argana Zeit and the Educated Dead
    • Argana Zeit Saves Halloween
    • Argana Zeit and the Wolf Moon

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    Paranormal in The Peaks

    Paranormal in The Peaks: Weird Tales of Argana Zeit Volume 1

    Is Argana Zeit’s limitless curiosity the power that will sustain her, or the curse that will lead her to disaster? Ghosts, possessions, pan dimensional monsters, ancient entities, angry tree spirits … there’s not an occult mystery in all of Derbyshire she won’t stick her nose into.

    Available as both an e-book and paperback, this collection is a convenient way to get your hands on these, the first seven Argana Zeit stories:

    • Argana Zeit Ruins Halloween
    • Argana Zeit is on the Menu
    • Argana Zeit Stones the Solstice
    • Argana Zeit Rings the Other World
    • Argana Zeit Collects Snow Toads

    Now out on Amazon – UK link here and US here.