• Where is Trotterwell?

    With the blatant exception of her hometown of Trotterwell, every location that Argana visits is from the real world. They’re places that I’ve been, and that I love. But you may be less familiar, so I’ve drawn this map to help you out. Although there are more villages and sites of note than shown, this has the broad sweeps.

    To give you an idea of scale, it’s around 20 miles from Buxton to Bakewell. But the roads are narrow and there’s a sheep around every corner, so it takes longer to drive than you’d imagine!

    Also, I was inspired to draw it because my fantasy author mates have brilliant maps in the front of their books, and I’m envious 😉

    Map of Peak District showing location of Trotterwell

    Oh, and this marks my first use of the zoom plugin. Give it a go!